Experience midwinter & spring winter with us

Welcome to our home!

Our roots are in the coastal villages and archipelago of Kalix. We would like to invite you to our archipelago-lifestyle. We love our archipelago and our eight seasons. That is why we have created a number of safaris, experiences and packages where you can enjoy the best of what the archipelago and the different seasons can offer – together with us. We hope you are curious to see, explore and taste everything the archipelago has to offer.
Welcome to nature, to the simplicity and to our home!

About us

We are a small family business, dedicated to offer You, your friends, your family and/or your colleagues an insight into our life in the archipelago. Our goal is to give You memorable experiences in the nature of Swedish Lapland. Our ambition is for You to remember your time here for the rest of your life. We strive for what is simple and abide by nature’s rules.

Welcome to nature, to the simplicity and to our home!

Om oss

The eight seasons of swedish Lapland

The dividing of the year into 8 seasons originates from the Indigenous Sami people. In the Sami lifestyle with the keeping of reindeer, one lives according to the climate and the shifting of nature. During the beautiful months of April and May, we want to share with You the season which in the Lapland archipelago is called “spring”. Or Gidá, as the saami call it.

During the later half of May we do our Icemelting Safari. In autumn (Tjakta), we do our Kalix Caviar Safaris and our Winter Safaris take place throughout both winter (Sálvve) and spring-winter (Gidádálvve), which for us are two completely different seasons.

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