About us

Our roots are in the coastal villages and archipelago of Kalix. We would like to invite you to our archipelago-lifestyle. We love our archipelago and our eight seasons. That is why we have created a number of safaris, experiences and packages where you can enjoy the best of what the archipelago and the different seasons can offer – together with us. We hope you are curious to see, explore and taste everything the archipelago has to offer.

Welcome to nature, to the simplicity and to our home!

Genuinity on nature’s terms

We are a small family business, dedicated to offer You, your friends, your family and/or your colleagues an insight into our life in the archipelago. Our goal is to give You memorable experiences in the nature of Swedish Lapland. Our ambition is for You to remember your time here for the rest of your life. We strive for what is simple and abide by nature’s rules.

Welcome to nature, to the simplicity and to our home!

Our vision

Our vision is to give You memorable experiences in the nature of Swedish Lapland. Our homecourt is the mountain, the forest and the sea. And we play by nature’s rules.


Comfortable archipelago life at Skärgårdsudden

Skärgårdsudden is located in the coastal village of Nyborg 10 km from Kalix by the beach, where the Kalix river flows into the archipelago. The story of Skärgårdsudden started around 2005, when I bought the land for what is today a small archipelago quarter.

From the beginning, the “headland” was an old sawing area, where the Kalix river was used to float timber down the river to the surrounding village sawmills. It was the longing for home to Kalix, the archipelago, the family and the simple life that is the foundation of the Skärgårdsudden neighborhood.

My vision in the creation of the small block was that I wanted to imitate my childhood memories from the archipelago and there were certain parts that were important to include, such as a sandy beach for the children, docks for boats and boathouses along the waterline to be furnished as a sauna, storage or guest cabin.

I wanted to build a neighborhood that would blend into the archipelago environment and take advantage of the opportunity to be close to the water, the light, the changes of the seasons and nature. The challenges were many, but the reward was my Archipelago House where me and my daughter are living our dream today.

When Skärgårdsudden was “finished” and all plots sold, I felt that I wanted to continue inviting others to our archipelago life – as temporary and willingly returning guests. With that in mind, we started creating experiences based on our beloved seasons that aim to highlight the best of each season. For us, it’s the big differences that are the real thing – that all seasons have their charm.

Starting from the Archipelago Cape, we now offer accommodation, experiences connected to our seasons and our archipelago with ready-made packages that can be booked here on the website.

My daughter Elsa and I would like to warmly welcome you, your family, friends or colleagues home to us and to the Kalix Archipelago.


Elsa’s Archipelago Café – with a mix of sweet & salty

Even as a very small child, my dream was to have my own cafe and be able to invite others to my coffee. When I was 6 years old I had my first archipelago cafe out in the cabin on Rånön. Because more and more visitors came to my summer cafe and I started to be invited to various markets and other events with my cafe.

Now I have turned 13 and have received several wedding orders last summer and I almost always bake for our guests in Cold Adventures. I receive my own guests on my jetty at home on Skärgårdsudden and in the summer I have Elsa’s café in the cabin on Rånön. I deliver coffee for weddings, baptisms, baby showers, parties and more. Feel free to contact me if you fancy a coffee!

Kalix Caviar

Kalix Caviar is a unique delicacy that can only be extracted from the fish vendace that is caught in the brackish waters of the Gulf of Bottenviken. Here several large rivers flow out with clean water from our mountains and mix with the salty sea water. Here several large rivers flow out with clean water from our mountains and mix with the salty sea water.

About geographical indication labeling

In 2010 Kalix Caviar became the first Swedish food product to be granted the EU geographical indication, Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), giving it the same high status as, for example, Champagne and Parmesan. The label has a number of requirements. Among other things, it specifies that only roe from vendace caught in the Bothnian Bay, within the municipalities of Haparanda, Kalix, Luleå and Piteå is allowed to be called “Kalix Löjrom” – Kalix Caviar.

In close collaboration with Guldhaven Pelagiska

Madelene and Elsa

Welcome to an experience of a lifetime!

In close collaboration with Widforss